Tuesday, 10 February 2015


On a gloriously clear and sunny day, the views from Craigielaw Clubhouse on Monday 9th February were wonderful - let's hope that the sun shines like that on our competitions in 2015!!!

The now annual ESVLGA Coffee Morning proved just as popular as the first one last year with 57 ladies attending.  The music to accompany our speakers' talks this year ranged from Abba's SOS to Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake : an eclectic mix.  Gillian Kirkwood and Anne Brownie provided an entertaining insight into what goes on behind the scenes when refereeing golf tournaments.  A case of always expect the unexpected - especially when it comes to TV camera buggies and swans! 

Lots of laughter and fun catching up with fellow members are the memories of the day.

For ladies who were unable to attend, the following "business" items were covered:
1. A reminder to ensure fixture cards and diaries are updated to reflect the change of date for our Championship Semis and Final to (25th July) and the venue for our AGM on 16th November will be Gullane Members' Clubhouse.
2. Polo shirts - our ESVLGA mint colour is back in stock at Wilkies.  Dulcie Barnes has a supply of discount vouchers entitling purchase at the special rate of £12.79.  Please contact Dulcie if you want a voucher, otherwise members wishing to buy a polo shirt can go to the North Berwick Wilkies branch where staff are most familiar with our special discount.

Monday, 12 January 2015


Following on from the success of last year's inaugural Coffee Morning, the 2015 ESVLGA Coffee Morning will be held at Craigielaw GC (as last year)  for all members who wish to attend. 

Time : 10.15 am for 10.30 am on Monday 9th February 2015

Cost : £3

Format: Coffee (or tea) and biscuits on arrival

A short talk with a whimsical look behind the scenes of being a Rules Official will be given by Gillian Kirkwood and Anne Brownie (in a double act!).

 Coffee top-ups will be available after the talk with plenty of time to mingle and catch up with fellow members.

As indicated in the email being sent to all members with information on the Coffee Morning and the 2015 Fixture Card distribution, it would be helpful to know who wishes to come along simply so that we can give an indication of likely numbers of attendees to Craigielaw caterers. Please therefore send an email reply to the ESVLGA Match Secretary email address (esvlga@hubbubknowhow.com) by 2nd February if you intend to be there. 

Friday, 12 December 2014

Click on the following link for Festive Greetings

Monday, 17 November 2014


At the AGM and Prizegiving of the East Division of the SVLGA outgoing Captain Marjory Lauder presented the 2014 Champion, Karen Ballantyne of Craigmillar Park GC with the Lady McInnes Shaw Championship Cup. More photos of the main trophy winners follow below and by clicking on this link :  

Left to Right :Irene Gray, Janet Fairweather, Susan Tudball, Karen Ballantyne, Jane Browitt, Marion Glauch, Sandra Liddle
Missing from the above group  and pictured below is Fiona Ford

61 ladies attended the AGM/Prizegiving held at Mortonhall Golf Club on 17th November 2014.  Marjory Lauder welcomed members and conducted the Prizegiving before moving on to the business of the AGM. The Minutes from the 2013 AGM and Financial Report were approved. Captain Marjory Lauder then presented her Report summarising East Vets events throughout the year from the inaugural Coffee Morning in February through to Blairgowrie in September as well as highlighting successes of East Vets members in 2014. 

At the election of Office Bearers, Marjory Lauder handed over the Captain's badge to Anne Brownie who thanked Marjory for all she had done on behalf of East Vets before introducing new Vice Captain, Caroline Kinnaird (of Glencorse GC),to the Meeting.  Katherine Thomson (Secretary/Treasurer) will continue in office for one more year (for which everyone is delighted) and Dulcie Barnes will continue as Committee Member.  These appointments were all approved by the AGM.

Anne Brownie (pictured right) then ran over the
main fixtures for 2015and informed the meeting that these are already available on the Website with only a few dates to be confirmed.  Following the success of the 2014 Coffee Morning, a coffee morning will be held at Craigielaw GC on Monday 9th February 2015 when Gillian Kirkwood and Anne will combine to look at the more amusing incidents or rulings  which golf referees encounter!

At the completion of the AGM business, Karen  Ballantyne gave a vote of thanks on behalf of members.          
The AGM was followed by a delicious buffet lunch  and members took the opportunity to socialise with one another and reflect on the 2014 golf season or arrange some winter golf.
Please note that as Dulcie Barnes had made apologies for the AGM, a photo of the full East Vets Committee will be posted at a later date.



Sunday, 16 November 2014


Dates for most of the 2015 fixtures are now known so a provisional list can be found under the "Fixtures" button.  Dates marked "TBA" will be updated once they  are known together with the week/Finals Day of our East Championship Matchplay.